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Lyndsy Fonseca.



    Dean followed, keeping close to her, as something about the darkened windows made him uneasy. He found his way into the nearest, friendly looking place, a small restaurant clad in classic style. The booths were plush red, with lightly colored checker board tables. Everything about this place screamed ‘I miss the 60’s' but it put a smile on his face none-the-less. Sliding his way into the booth, he slouched back in the seat, finding it oddly comfortable for a small diner,

                          “——Is it just me or does it strike you as odd that this entire town seems to be closed before 10 A.M.?”

    Though the question was partly sarcastic, there was an aspect of truth to it. Everything they’d driven past up to this point had been closed; typically businesses opened at 8 in the morning, maybe earlier given the building. Perhaps there was a strange holiday going on, or a plethora of family emergencies, regardless, something didn’t seem right here. 

"Maybe they just have lazy — what day is it? Monday mornings?"

The town was pretty dark and Madeline thought that her hometown was dull. There were at least people moving around on the weekday mornings, even if they were grumbling about it. Of course there were always restaurants that were closed for breakfast, but even most of the fast food chains these days had made a breakfast menu. Even at least half of the shops were still closed up and it wasn’t as though they had gotten up and out of the motel obnoxiously early.

"—Or maybe the early birds are banned from the coalition of night owls." She joked, looking around the restaurant. There were only three other customers in the place and it appeared that there was only one waitress as well. "We picked an interesting place to stop, I guess," Maddie mused, before looking back at the menu. 


"Generally, yes."


"And your friend… he’s a — what exactly?”


Avriella nodded when she said once she got rid of them they wouldn’t come back and she rubbed her eyes. She couldn’t wait to just be able to relax, but knowing that the demons were out there she couldn’t she would always be on guard. She didn’t want to be away from Madeline though, but she hoped they could find her parents while they made the demons go away.

She hid her face against her neck when she picked her up and curled up as she listened to her soothing voice. She hated being near anyone else than people she knew, and she didn’t want anyone touching her feet either. She shook her head when she asked her what was making her so scared and choked out. “I don’t like people… They’re mean. I wanna go back home.” She rubbed her eyes and hid her face again, continuing to cry softly.

Maddie rubbed Avriella’s back gently, trying to keep her calm. “I promise the doctor is a good guy. He’s a doctor because he likes to help people.” The good ones, anyway. She didn’t doubt that the doctor was a nice guy, though. The whole place seemed pretty kid-friendly. “He’ll probably give you a sticker and a lollipop for being a good girl.” That was her own favorite part of the doctor when she was a kid.

After a few minutes the doctor walked in and greeted them. “Good morning Avriella. How are you feeling?” He asked, cheerfully. He noticed the tears and gently held his hand out for her to shake, “I’m Dr. Evans and I’m going to make sure that you’re healthy, okay? Madeline told me that you haven’t had anyone to take care of you for quite a while.”


    [ He leaves for a few moments before returning with

             a slightly more presentable look, wounds covered. ]

         ❝ Better? ❞


"You really have a knack for looking like a kicked puppy."

                      ”Come on let’s go.” Maddie added as she walked toward the door.



"Hell? Oh that’s only about half my issue, hon.”

He pulled her forward harshly by her forearm with enough force to take her off her feet as her body got yanked onto the bar counter some. He growled into her ear, “I’ll make you sorry for a lot more than just the drink.”

Maddie winced as she hit the counter. She had barely even started to recover from the hunt earlier and she was tossed into another one. No wonder hunters never really went to big cities.

She reached back with the hand he didn’t have, her fingers brushing and gripping at the cool metal of the gun she brought with her. Maddie pointed it at the man and commanded, “Let me go, and we both walk out of here.”

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Avriella nodded slowly when she said that they would figure it out once the demons were out of the picture. “Are they gonna ever come back when you make them go away? Are they gonna keep trying to get me no matter what?” She asked her as she moved to hug her close.

She waited until the nurse left to even say a word, and held her arms up to her. “Up!” She begged with tears in her eyes. “Up up up!” She kept saying as she shook her head. “I want up. I don’t want them here.” She said as she wiped tears from her eyes and sobbed softly. “I wanna go back home.” She begged her. The motel was more her home than anything now, so that’s what she meant.

Madeline shook her head. “Once I get rid of them they won’t come back looking for you ever again.” Demons escaped hell every day, or so she assumed, but from what she was taught it took a while for each escape. If something was sent down there now she doubted it would get back out in her lifetime. 

She frowned and scooped Avriella up in her arms, holding her close and rubbing soft circles in her back. “Hey, shh. It’s okay. Half over by now,” she comforted her. “We’ll be back at the hotel after lunch. The doctor’s just going to make sure that you’re not sick.” Maddie had no idea that some children had such strong aversions to the doctor. “What’s making you so scared?” She asked, gently.


     ❝ Uh— yeah, I guess so.

          I”ll take care  of it, just give me a few minutes.  ❞


          “Take your time. No rush on that.”


"Hmph. Bruce was supposed to be here an hour ago…"


"—Wait, you’re serious, aren’t you?"

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